Health Boost Program

Alex Royal Dietetics

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Health Boost Program

The 4 Week Health Program focuses on gut health, detoxification, immune support and energy metabolism. The program comprises of 4 stages, each being 1 week long.

The program includes:

  • 4 Week Health Program
  • Initial consult (body composition assessment and diet explanation)
  • 3 x follow-up consults (each week receiving the new stage)
  • Dietitians Guide to Clean Eating e-book

"It was so easy to follow, and has definitely resulted in me changing some long-term eating habits. Before I was living on caffeine as a busy working mom and using coffee as short-term fix. Now I’m more conscious of how much I’m having and feel much better for it." ~ Robyn Talbot

"It was really empowering getting to understand how different foods were affecting my mood and energy levels, and what I can do to keep feeling my best." ~ Bruce Burgess

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